Stephen Bittrich’s New Podcast – Off Off Pod – First Guest Margo Martindale

Off Off Pod Margo Martindale with host Stephen Bittrich

Stephen Bittrich and Margo Martindale after the Off Off Pod episode.

Today I launched my new podcast, Off Off Pod.  I snagged an amazing guest for the first episode, my friend Margo Martindale.  I stayed in LA with Margo for a month being her assistant as she transitioned into her new TV show, THE MILLERS.  (As of this writing you can watch the latest episode of THE MILLERS for free online.)

Margo is also known for such television shows as JUSTIFIED, THE AMERICANS, and A GIFTED MAN.  She is also known for movies like  AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY (Christmas, 2013), MILLION DOLLAR BABY, and DEAD MAN WALKING (love that movie).

In  this episode I ask what the day to day process is like for an actor working on a 4 camera sitcom and what the audition process was like.

(Looking for 10 minute plays to perform?  Click here.  A royalty is due if you should decide to perform in front of an audience.)