Bittrich’s LA MOUCHE performed at The Pierre Hotel in NYC and New LA MOUCHE DEUX Premieres

The Drilling Company commissioned me to write a part 2 for LA MOUCHE, so I created LA MOUCHE DEUX. The 2 companion plays were performed at the gorgeous Pierre Hotel in New York City.

“La Mouche” takes place in a French restaurant in New York. The jumping off point is the old cliché of a man finding a fly in his soup… with some new twists.

3 men (2 with outrageous French accents), 11 pages long, simple restaurant set–perhaps only a table and chair. Farce, comedy. Non-traditional casting is encouraged.

To read the play, “La Mouche,” click here. Royalties are due if you choose to perform the play. To read “Part Deux” email me.