“HOME OF THE GREAT PECAN” performed in Elkhorn City, Kentucky at Artists Collaborative Theater

My play, Home of the Great Pecan, was performed for a whopping 16 performances at Actor’s Collaborative Theater in Elkhorn, Kentucky this summer.  And while I was not able to attend the production, it sure looked like they had a blast from the pictures taken by Larry Epling Photography.  Enjoy…

home_of_great_pecan_act_larry_epling_03 home_of_great_pecan_act_larry_epling_02home_of_great_pecan_act_larry_epling_04 home_of_great_pecan_act_larry_epling_05 home_of_great_pecan_act_larry_epling_06 home_of_great_pecan_act_larry_epling_07 home_of_great_pecan_act_larry_epling_08 home_of_great_pecan_act_larry_epling_09


To license the full-length Texas comedy, Home of the Great Pecan (by Stephen Bittrich) which has been described as Great Tuna meets Plan Nine from Outer Space, go to Broadway Play Publishing.