Episode 103 of Stephen Bittrich’s Webseries “Off Off” Released

Episode 103 of Off Off WebseriesIn “Gettin’ Back in the Saddle” episode 103 of my new webseries Off Off, Blake’s mid-life crisis is in full swing. He pulls Johnny out of work with a big announcement. “I’ve decided I want to have sex again in my lifetime.” The race is on to lose 75 pounds and start living it up “George Clooney Style.”

Guest starring YouTube sensation, Lauren Francesca.  The regular cast is Stephen Bittrich, David Marantz, Dan Teachout, Robert Arthur Wilson, Dennis Gagomiros, Lisa Peart, and Kendal Rileigh.  Our DP, editor and director of this episode is John Painz.  Assistant Director is Katie McHugh.  Shot in Central Park, New York City.  The theme song, “Here We Go Again,” was written and performed by Sal Clemente of the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra.

(And here’s a bonus video from Lauren Francesca from Key of Awesome where she plays Lady Gaga in a music video parody.  I had nothing to do with this.  I just think these guys are clever … and particularly clever marketers.)

“When you’re in your 20s, ‘starving artist’ is sexy.  When you’re in your 40s, well….”


Robert Arthur Wilson as Johnny and Stephen Bittrich as Blake in Off Off Webseries.

Off Off Episode 103

Stephen Bittrich as Blake, Robert Arthur Wilson as Johnny and Lauren Francesca as Chastity in Off Off Webseries.

Off Off Episode 103

Lauren Francesca as Chastity and Robert Arthur Wilson as Johnny in Off Off Webseries.