Bittrich’s “CAP STARGAZER AND THE AMAZON WOMEN OF MARS, EPISODE 1” to premiere at FronteraFest

I’ll be premiering my one-act Cap Stargazer and the Amazon Women of Mars, Episode 1 at FronteraFest in Austin this February (2019). Featured in this short comedic radio play are Chase Brewer, David DuBose, Marie Fahlgren, Laura Menghini, and Jason Newman.

The play is set in Austria, 1938. As Hitler closes in on the country, Cap Stargazer and his trusty sidekick, Dusty Dinglefeffer, visit the castle of genius inventor Baroness Von Strücker to help her hide her new amazing invention.

This play is a nod to the old space adventurer radio series like Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers. It has a few naughty moments that might not be appropriate for a high school audience, but they can be cut out.

Drop me a line if you’d like to read the play. My contact info here.