Short Screenplays by Stephen Bittrich

Looking to make a short movie? Interested in one of these shorts?

* There will be a fee associated with using the script which can be negotiated depending upon budget and whether you want exclusive rights to buy the property.


Room to Let - Click link to short screenplay.

Bill and Felicity take in boarders like old ladies take in stray cats. Have they finally taken in one too many with Petra, the hot Russian with a mysterious agenda?

Setting: interior and exterior of a suburban home in a nice neighborhood.

17 pages

The Specimen - Click link to short screenplay.

A guy goes to a fertility clinic to see if "his boys can swim." Inspiration for the task at hand does not come easily. Based on a true story!

Setting: the interior of a fertility clinic in New York City.

6 pages

Note - This script has been shot. To see the short film starring Tom Demenkoff click here.

Baby Factory (Movie Version) - Click link to short screenplay.

Welcome to DNA ALCHEMY, where your little bundle of joy can be scientifically engineered to exact specifications. Just working out a few kinks.

Setting: the interior of a doctor's office in a fertility research lab.

13 pages

Some Words of Advice (Movie Version) - Click link to short screenplay.

Written in the wonderful cadence of "New York speak," Joey tries to give some advice to his friend, Freddy, on how to handle a manipulative female co-worker.

Setting: a subway platform in New York City.

11 pages (a fast 11 pages - plays like 5 minutes)

The Vegetable - Currently off line. This script is currently optioned.

A woman conspires with her lover to kill her vegetable husband for the insurance money, but the vegetable has a "mind of his own."

Setting: the interior of a ratty apartment in New York City.

17 pages